Conduit Labs

Website and Identity

About The Project

Conduit Labs was a start-up gaming company looking to sell their social gaming platforms to investors. When they approached Hunt and Gather — where I was an Art Director — they had very little in terms of branding or even finished products. We met with them in a cramped start-up lab at MIT where the surrounding walls were whiteboards covered in doodles. What was clear was that they selling their creativity more than anything else, and they needed a clever and engaging website to help create buzz.

The site functioned like a rotoscope moving from scene to scene. The hand drawn “look and feel” helped redefine their position from messy start up into pure creative authenticity.

I created illustrations from their own white board sketches, iStock, and — in the case of the navigation — my childhood dreams. won several accolades including gold from the W3 Awards. The company was successfully sold to Zynga.